Welcome to The Chapbook Review’s first issue. The overwhelming response to the idea of this journal was as supportive as it was emboldening. The time is apparently ripe for not only the production of chapbooks, pamphlets, and minicomics by innovative writers (prose writers following poets’ massive lead) and presses, but also for a venue offering critical examination of the work. This first issue boasts an interview of Blake Butler by Christopher Higgs regarding Pretend I Am There but Very Little. They tinker with ideas about influence, craft, process, the so-called “aura” of printed versus electronic matter, and, in a seeming nod to Deleuze and Guattari’s idea about desiring machines, Blake compares people to “meat machines.” After this, Butler returns the favor and interviews Higgs on his chapbook Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously. Their conversation shifts from the mainly visceral to the mostly cerebral. Another close look at process ensues, and astute references to Breton, Chomsky, cummings, Godard, Lutz, Stein, and others fly by.